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    Student Projects:

    Spatial Data Visualization

    In this exploratory workshop, students honed their communication design skills while working directly with open data related to geography and position from a variety of sources.

  • White Rabbit: An Experiential Event Service

    Student Projects:

    White Rabbit

    White Rabbit is a designed service that allows users to spontaneously book a mystery outing with friends.

  • Student Projects:


    Students were challenged to understand connected items in a new way, the team decided to explore how a threshold device could improve work-life balance from the perspective of a worker.

  • Student Projects:


    To improve urban health, the team proposed offering a two-pronged service that will first do an online risk assessment and then send an STI testing kit for in-home use.

  • Student Projects:

    Pano: Redesigning Children’s Health Records for Gates Foundation Contest

    A solution that focuses on the specific use case of India, but has broad application across cultural and geographic boundaries.

Bauhaus Futures, Oct 26

Part of Chicago Design Week 2017

This year, IIT Institute of Design is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its founding as the New Bauhaus. This panel brings together design scholars, practicing designers, artists and technologists in order to reflect on the significance of Chicago's design history as well as its relationship to future directions of the design field. What kind of experimentation would the New Bauhaus be doing if they were working today? Which of their values are still relevant to design practice and scholarship and which have been discarded? In what ways is the city of Chicago a laboratory for emergent design practices? What are the changing responsibilities of designers today and in the future?


Anijo Mathew appointed as academic director of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship

Anijo Punnen Mathew has been appointed as the first academic director of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship. The Institute was founded to nurture the advancement...

PhD student leads Speculative Fiction workshop for Chicago Humanities Festival

Yesterday IIT Institute of Design hosted a workshop for Chicago Humanities Festival led by PhD student Maryam Heidaripour. Participants were a national cohort of thirty PhD scholars in humanities, with a broad...

Professor Laura Forlano shares the latest from TEK-TILES team’s smart textiles

PHOTO: Touch pattern tracking TEK-TILE designed by team members Jingwen Shu and Renata Guai. “What if clothing could change color depending on your location or context? What if it could...

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