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Safe Saddle Phone UI
Medley: Reimagining the waiting experience
Safe Saddle Presentation
ATLA User Profile
ATLA 2X2 Matrix
ATLA Mind Map
ATLA Analysis Room Prototype
ATLA Work Session
ATLA User Profiles
ATLA Ideation
ATLA Brainstorm Session
Bridging the Communication Presentation
Communication Goals in the OR
Information Ecosystem in the Operating Eoom
How do teams meet the goals of an educational medical center?
Redesign of Preference Cards
MSK Fullsize Mockup
MSK Model 3
MSK Model 5
MSK Model 2
MSK Team Presentation
MSK Team Photo 2
MSK Model 1
MSK Team at Work
White Rabbit Experience Design Presentation
White Rabbit: An Experiential Event Service
White Rabbit: Experiential Event Service Video
Data Visualization Tools Deck
Reimagining Work Workshop: Game board
Reimagining Work Workshop: Game play
Reimaging Work Workshop: Gamification
Design as Advocacy and the Future of Work: Lessons from a Participatory Design Workshop on Reimagining Work
Five Tips for Letting Collaboration Fuel Innovation
Civic Media Project: Designing Policy
Codesigning Urban Technology for Citizen Engagement: From Citizen-Centered to Collaborative Cities
Leveraging culture of informal networks
30 Million Words Infrastructures of Creativity Presentation
anthropology + design: laura forlano.
Leading Growth Through Design: An Interview with Patrick Whitney
Merchant and Muse Service Blueprint
Merchant and Prototype 5
Merchant and Prototype 4
Merchant and Prototype 3
Merchant and Muse Prototype 2
Merchant and Prototype 1
Merchant and Muse Mock-up 2
Merchant and Muse Mock-up 1
Notice Video
Notice Prototype 5
Notice Prototype 4
Notice Prototype 3
Notice Prototype 2
Notice Prototype 1
Notice Presentation
Meat Up Meat Maker
Meat Up Dodo
Meat Up Spices
Cultured Meat Turkey
Qi System
Qi at the Strategy Conference
Qi Prototyping
Qi Video
Qi Entry Photo
Qi Ecosystem
The Merchant & Muse Prototype
Logistics and Performance of the Operating Room Final Presentation
Activity Systems
Portfolio of Offerings
Levels of Innovation
Terrains and Territories
Levels of Abstraction
Innovation Dashboard
Innovation Gap
Whole View: Framework for overcoming innovation myopia
Patrick Whitney Interview at Telefonica Madrid
Jamshyd Godrej at 2014 IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference
Roger Martin at the 2014 IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference
Getting to Thank You
Getting to Thank You: A Practitioner’s Guide to Innovation