“Erwin’s approach is a standout – fresh and contemporary, in an easy-to-digest format, this book is immediately actionable and pragmatic. If you are in a career that requires you to influence, convince, convey and implement, or if you are being asked to come up with ‘what’s next, what’s new?’, then this book is for you. Her book is going to be one of those well-loved, dog-eared companions that I pull out every few months to remind myself to spend as much time on the ‘how’ vs. ‘what’ I want to communicate.”

— Jodi Watson, President of Consumer Direct, Wolverine Worldwide

Among innovation methods, what’s been missing is robust playbook for how to explain the work — to ourselves, to our teammates, and to others — and how to engage stakeholders in advancing new ideas into organizations and markets. John Wiley & Sons released Communicating The New: Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation (September 2013), a practical toolkit that describes and demonstrates methods for communication throughout all stages of the innovation process, not just the end. This new release is required reading for working professionals in design and innovation who need guidance on persuasive presentation, communication theory, and how to communicate complex work more effectively.

Author and professor at the IIT Institute of Design, Kim Erwin introduces core concepts and methods that help manage complexity; accelerate synthesis; and clarify and diffuse important knowledge for the people who need to act on it. Her framework and methods help innovators address five distinct moments in which communication methods can advance the development process and outlines a new communication mission that prioritizes engagement, alignment and judgment of the many players involved in the work.