What is Barnraise?

Design methods impact our communities for the better

Created at the IIT Institute of Design, BarnRaise is a two-day maker conference that harnesses design methods to tackle local social problems. Registrants work in interdisciplinary teams to develop a user-centered understanding of the problem and prototype viable solutions in collaboration with community partners.

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The Challenge

The San Francisco Bay Area is known around the world for accepting and welcoming people from varied backgrounds with diverse beliefs. But how open are we to diversity and how empathic are we really? For this year’s 2nd annual BarnRaise we want to explore: "How might we close the gaps in understanding diversity to open minds and broaden perspective?"


Over the course of two and a half days, participants work with community organizations and design firms to solve a social problem. Please view the full schedule for more information.
Day One

The event kicks off with discussions about design and innovation within the topic space.


Participants split up into teams to better understand a problem and prototype solutions.

day three

The conference ends with a public exhibition where teams share their insights and design solutions.

Organized by AdaptivePath.org


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