BarnRaise is for everyone: Let us prove it to you!

Seriously! Don’t believe us? Ok, fine. We’re giving you the spotlight: share with us your major, industry, or area of work and we’ll come up with a reason your skills are important to make BarnRaise a success. Contacting us is easy: Just email with the subject line “How can my skills help BarnRaise?”

Here’s a list to get us started:

Developers: Help us consider the back end design for systems solutions 

Psychologists: Share methods on how to understand people, what they’re saying, and what they aren’t. 

Entrepreneuers: Get inspired and teach others how to pivot when needed. 

Non-profit leaders: Come bring your expertise in creating major change on a budget. 

Public servants: Bring that passion for our city to solve issues that affect its occupants.

Teachers: Help us teach others straightforward ways of communicating and conveying new information!

Designers: Come share frameworks and strategies you’ve used to tackle complex problems! 

Copywriters: Help us tell stories about the problems users and Chicagoans face.