Action Lab_Social Medallion 150 wide
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The Action Lab is a social innovation lab which convenes and stewards diverse collectives to tackle systems change innovation around complex issues.

The space is designed to help any group or organization tackle challenges in creative ways by promoting better problem solving, offering tools to help tap into collective wisdom, and by helping people prototype solutions to their challenges. The lab is used frequently by businesses, non-profits, community groups and municipal and provincial government.

The Action Lab is a social enterprise of the Skills Society – one of the largest disability rights and service organizations in Edmonton.  Revenue from the Action Lab supports the employment of people with disabilities, innovative social change initiatives of Skills Society, and subsidizes community groups’ use of the Action Lab.

The Action Lab will be stewarding BarnRaise Edmonton sessions alongside leaders from Think Jar CollectiveGateway Association,  and the Systemic Design Exchange (SDX) in Edmonton.