Families and children served by Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre face challenges associated with poverty such as unsafe and unstable housing, food insecurity, and social isolation. More recently, Norwood has also been working with an increasing number of families who are struggling with mental health and addictions issues as well. The families we work with are often single female-headed households, multigenerational social assistant dependent families as well as new immigrant and Indigenous families.

In response, the free programs and services at Norwood integrate the child, the family, and the community with the aim of contributing to strong and supportive communities as well as supporting families in becoming stable and self-sufficient so that they may build on their own strengths to foster optimal child development.

All Norwood programs and services focus on reducing the negative impacts of poverty on child development, the family, and the community. We believe in developing resiliency in children and families and in building on the strengths of the families by encouraging the development of community relationships as well as by drawing from their natural supports.