2013 Design Research Conference

October 8-9, 2013

Field Museum
1400 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

In an increasingly dynamic world, professional designers are often agents of change. Designers must creatively balance many forces. They must assert confidence to advance new perspectives yet maintain a sensitive understanding of users. They must embrace and employ technology while carefully considering the impact of pervasive technology on human beings.

The 12th annual Design Research Conference hosted by IIT Institute of Design will explore design’s role in mediating these forces: Are they opposable? Synthesized? Unified? Practicing designers, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs will present a variety of perspectives on balancing multiple creative forces amidst complex systems and issues.



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Workshops lead by Added Value Cheskin, DD+D, and frog design Monday, Oct 7.
Dine with speakers, take a tour, or see a show Tuesday, Oct 8.
Design Lead, IDEO
Co-founder, The Comradery
Chair of Media Design Practices, Art Center College of Design
Principal and Creative Director, Subplot Design Inc.
Program Director for the Engineering Systems Design and Systems Science Programs, National Science Foundation
Founder, DIYRockets
MFA Chair, School of Visual Art
Founder, Das Lab, Stanford University
John G Braun Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineer, and BioEngineering, Caltech
Faculty, Wayne State University
Interaction Design Director, Google Creative Lab
Associate fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Founder, MLD
President, CEO, and Principal, MAYA Design
Breed Professor of Design, Emeritus, Northwestern University Cofounder, Nielsen Norman Group
Donald C. Graham Professor, University of Michigan
Principal, Moment
Founder, BaoDesignLab
Founder, MakeTools
Google Creative Lab
Professor, Northumbria University

The Design Research Conference (DRC), hosted by IIT Institute of Design, brings together a growing community of design professionals advancing the role of design research in innovation.

The conference strives to spread knowledge through the discussion of compelling experiences and case studies, innovative methods and approaches, and the future and sustainability of design research.

This is a student-curated conference where the audience, two-thirds professionals and a third students, leaves with key takeaways: new ideas for further discussion and methods to throw into their own toolkits.