This course builds on the previous exploration of basic concepts of visual communication design.

Through this course students will continue to investigate the elements, layout, and information structures within the context of a branded visual identity system. This course focuses on a holistic approach mindful of brand attributes such as: message, meaning, audience, personality and tone, context of use, and execution. Together, we will examine the rules and decisions applicable to create visual consistency across multiple communication touch-points.

Learning Objectives
Explore and understand how elements and approaches affect the efficacy of a crafted communication

  • Graphic elements (type, color, image, scale, balance, rhythm)
  • Grid structures (multi-column, symmetrical, asymmetrical)
  • Information structuring (function, hierarchy, weight, consistency, contrast)


Learning Outcomes
When completed, students will be able to craft a consistent and compelling system of communication artifacts demonstrating their knowledge of the principles and practice involved.