This course covers the structure and the presentation of a meaningful case for change in a design context.

Cases in this course are based on demonstrating a solution or a promising approach to a problem that has been defined within a framework of enumerated user values and context. Context in this situation includes user and client behaviors and capabilities as well as the competitive landscape, and enabling externalities. Public speaking principles and the use of supporting visual material are also included in the course.

Learning Objectives
To improve the student’s ability to persuade by improving overall communication skills and eliminating counterproductive, sometimes unconscious behaviors and bad habits. Develop the student’s strengths and immunize them against their irreducible deficiencies—a way of getting comfortable in their own skin.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, students will:

  • Become comfortable speaking for and about users and their issues in a “public” context
  • Improve their ability to craft compelling arguments to demonstrate their point of view
  • Through practice, be better able to communicate effectively within and across teams