This course introduces students to the professional and theoretical aspects of the product definition process.

Students will define a new product or service in detail, paying special attention to product positioning and differentiation, user experience, business model, volume forecasting, and “lean” approaches to validating the idea with potential customers.

Before an organization can launch a successful new product or service, it needs a clear, compelling vision for what the offering will be, how it will create value for users, and why it matters. Defining a new product along these dimensions will guide the many decisions and trade-offs that development teams will make as an idea makes the journey from concept to commercial product.

Learning Objectives
Develop a forum and opportunity for students to:

  • be exposed to challenges and techniques of early concept development
  • practice the application of design methods taught in other courses
  • iterate and validate conceptual directions


Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students will have been through one cycle of professional-level product definition. Outcomes will depend on effort level, but students should come away with a solid portfolio piece (at the least) and potentially with a validated business concept that demonstrates a real consumer need.