The focus of this course is an in-depth exploration of the planning stages of qualitative research to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Rigorous planning is the key to conducting meaningful and rigorous research that evokes trust and delivers impact within an organization.

Learning Objectives
The course will explore and examine all stages of planning qualitative research including:

  • Understanding business goals and client needs to derive and identify research goals
  • Working with constraints of time and budget when planning a project
  • Selecting research and analysis methods to best meet the objectives of the research
  • Recruiting for qualitative research to ensure sound results
  • Developing discussion guides and field tools to ensure that cross-comparable data is collected


Learning Outcomes

  • Students will become methodical about their qualitative research planning process — knowing all steps that need to occur to construct a sound and rigorous qualitative study.
  • Students will understand the inter-dependencies between project scope, budget and timeline — they’ll gain a reality check of what can and cannot be done.
  • Students will be exposed to multiple client interaction styles and different project types throughout the class, as they interface with the other project teams in the class.