No two organizations are the same, especially when it comes to managing the innovation process. Enterprises seeking to develop understanding and competency in design methods work with IIT Institute of Design to create custom workshops tailored to their particular needs. Workshops can range in scope. Half-day sessions offer hands-on skills development. Multi-day sessions address particular challenges or opportunity areas.

We’re dedicated to humanizing technology and improving the process of innovation.

Since the mid-1950s, IIT Institute of Design has pioneered and taught a methods-based, human-centered approach to the process of deciding what an organization should do next.

IIT Institute of Design’s mission has three parts:

1) We educate methods-based professional designers.

Many design schools specialize (in product design, graphic design, interaction design, service design, social innovation design, etc). Focusing on design specialties is risky because design evolves over time. In years to come, new specialties will emerge and replace existing ones. What transcends specialization and persists over time is design process—the steps designers take in responding to any challenge. Each step has associated methods—a kit of tools designers can use to understand context and users, make sense of constraints and opportunities, and construct artifacts and experiences. Students learn methods, and through this experience, how to think about design no matter what form it may take.

2) We develop new design methods.

IIT Institute of Design pioneered research into design, introducing the first design PhD program in the United States in 1991. Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations regularly sponsor research projects at IIT Institute of Design. The projects often give rise to emerging design methodology that then makes their way into the classroom and professional practice.

3) We transfer methods to organizations.

The world is more dynamic and unpredictable than it has ever been. Across all industries is the need to plan for change. Having a structured process to help determine what to do next is critical. Annual design camps and custom programs introduce methods to organizations seeking to develop the skills and confidence necessary to innovate effectively. Course sponsorship offers a view into how the design process applies to an opportunity area of interest to the organization. IIT Institute of Design conferences serve as a platform for innovation practitioners to come together, exchange best practices, and learn about the latest methods for initiating change.

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