May 24-25

Design + Data + Behavior


The changing role of design, and how it informs human-centered solutions, increasingly demands that designers re-orient toward “design and…” by problem solving with other disciplines.

For better or worse, we all live in—and therefore must design for—a world of networked technologies. What are the human implications of experiences, services, and systems that rely on data, deepening digital engagement, and rapidly evolving machine intelligence? What do cultural concepts such as personal agency, trust, equity, and privacy mean as we create new ways of engaging with an increasingly networked world? How do we anticipate and prevent unintended consequences when developing these solutions? And how might engagement across disciplinary boundaries enable us to collectively grapple with shaping the future of data-reliant, complex, adaptive systems toward viable, just, and sustainable ends?

IIT Institute of Design (ID) invites you to explore the intersections of Design + Data + Behavior to discuss emerging data-driven futures in domains such as health care, financial services, and public policy, and to better enable us to wrestle with them. Together, we’ll explore real-world contexts where data and behavior change are already colliding, as well as new tools and methodologies to evolve our individual and collective points of view about how to navigate these futures.


MAY 24

Join domain-specific sessions to hear on-the-ground insights from leading organizations and explore fundamental issues at the intersection of design, data, and behavior, such as:

  • The “reality/conceivability” technology gap
  • In algorithms we trust? Navigating systems-based biases
  • Design, data and behavior: Greater than the sum of their parts
  • The future starts now… what’s next?

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MAY 25

Practice new approaches and methods to apply to your own work in topical, half-day continuing education workshops led by ID faculty and expert practitioners. Modules include:

  • Behavioral Design for Organizational Leadership
  • Designing Live Service Experiments
  • Leadership Thought Frames for Innovation
  • Sculpting with Data: Data Collection
  • Sculpting with Data: Algorithmic Design
  • Sustainable Solutions: A new approach to systems design
  • Working Backwards: The Design Planning (And Doing) Of Connected Products And Services

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Ted Booth

Senior Director User Experience Design, Honeywell

Giles Colborne

CEO and Founder, cxpartners

Julia Haines

User Experience Researcher, Google

Francois Millard

Senior Vice President, The Vitality Group

Shrupti Shah

Managing Principal, govlab

Florent Buisson

Behavioral Scientist, Allstate

Stephan Goetschius

Director of Design, Final Mile/Fractal Analytics

Jess Leifer

Vice President, ideas42

Ram Prasad

US CEO, Final Mile/Fractal Analytics

Gail Swanson

Director of Strategy, 18F/GSA

Mark Burrell

Design Director, IBM Watson Health

James Guszcza

US Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte

Josh Lucas-Falk

CEO, Grand Studio

Sarah Reid

Social & Behavioural Insights Senior Advisor, Ontario Securities Commission

Meghan Webster

Firmwide Education Practice Area Leader, Senior Associate, Gensler





5by5: Bringing the human-centered approach to consulting with Stephan Goetschius, Director of Design at Final Mile

“It isn’t always easy to effectively synthesize the intersection where business goals and user goals overlap. Businesses are very good at identifying the existence of  ‘a problem.’ but not always so effective at defining the problem in an effective manner…human decision making and behavior is extraordinarily complex. Applying the sciences is not a science in itself. It’s mostly art. Business contexts do not always/ often lend themselves to this complexity and nuance.”
Stephan Goetschius

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A 5by5 Conversation with Andre Nogueira, Doctoral Candidate at the Institute of Design

“If we are to consider design as a course of action, innovation as a process, and the built environment as a place where multiple actors are dynamically interacting, then design becomes the means through which innovation is continuously happening with the goal of improving the quality of existing interactions in relation to their fitness in the built environment.” —Andre Nogueira

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5by5: Public Policy and Behavioral Insights with Shrupti Shah, Managing Principal at GovLab

“I fear that this widely publicized abuse of the two sciences (data and behavioral) will set back our efforts to harness their potential in areas where they could genuinely do good. Having said that, I’m grateful that it is shining a light on the ethics of predictive analytics and behavioral design so we can come together as a community and try and develop some shared ethical principles and parameters to guide our work.”
—Shrupti Shah

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5by5: Access and Algorithms with Lisa Nash, Designer + Data Scientist at IDEO

“The role that diversity plays in data science is similar to the role that it plays in other areas of design. Without diversity on teams you’re a lot more likely to overlook some of the people you’re designing for or design something with unintended consequences for a specific group of people.”  —Lisa Nash, Designer + Data Scientist at IDEO

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Why Design Intersections?

For many years, IIT Institute of Design hosted an annual Design Strategy Conference. This intersection of design and strategy not only built on ID’s history of bridging design and business, but also demonstrated more broadly that design increases its impact when it intersects with other disciplines.

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