Jaime Rivera shares findings from his PhD research
Tuesday, November 10 | 6th floor from 12:30 – 1:30pm

Lunch will be provided

The traditional way of understanding the evolution of design knowledge is to organize events and movements in a timeline. This approach stimulates arguments about which methods are old and not useful anymore and which are new methods that designers should learn so as to avoid being stuck in the past.

But what if we are so close and embedded in the design practice that we cannot recognize that we are in a cycle?

Superstructuralism provides an alternative way to understand the evolution of our discipline beyond the arguments about what is old and new, revealing a cycle about how knowledge evolves from rejecting pre-established structures to exploring marginal disciplines that change the way we think about design. This cycle provides both critical insight with respect to our role as designers and a new lens that we can use to promote the generation of design knowledge.

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