Patrick Whitney, Dean of IIT Institute of Design, is a panelist at the inaugural Harvard xDesign Conference which aims to build a platform of innovation by engaging stakeholders from each school in the University through the design process.

The event will take place at the newly constructed Harvard Innovation Lab (ilab) and the Graduate School of Design (GSD). By positioning design as a learnable, scalable discipline that can procure insight and change in all industries and disciplines, the conference can best leverage the breadth of diversity and expertise that exists within the University. The event has been carefully crafted to align with these overall strategic objectives by curating interdisciplinary teams so that they might best take advantage of the design process and showcase its value proposition to those outside the design sphere. xDesign will create a network of creative thinkers involving subject matter experts, critics, professors, design luminaries, professionals, and students. The model and structure of the conference allows participants to unpack tacit, hidden, and evident knowledge from each corner of the university, through simple yet uncommon dialogue between each school. It is in this context where xDesign will succeed. Rather than focusing on simply the aesthetics or results of design, or a small trend-based relationship such as “design in technology,” highlighting the way of design as a learnable, scalable, and invaluable framework, allows designers and non-designers alike to generate insight, forge lasting relationships, and seed excitement about the power of design thinking.

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