• ID students participate in design exercises around the world, most recently in Brazil, China, and India.

  • A new Immersion Program will be prototyped in Taiwan with the Far Eastern Group (FEG) this summer.

  • Design process work from Brazilian Immersion.

  • Brazilian Immersion students taking a break from research to have a meeting at a cafe.

  • Students get a chance to work for real clients in all immersion programs.

  • Shown here in Brazil, students go out into the field to connect with real users.

Global Immersion brings ID students to the center of global issues

ID has always involved graduate students in projects in other parts of the world. Student teams have worked in Hong Kong, China, India, Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, to name a few. We have now formalized this work with our Global Immersion program. In this program, students work in another country for four to six weeks. While there they work with a local company on a local problem. Students immerse the company in their newly refined design methods while the company immerses the students in the local culture. Partners include FERG in Taiwan, Godrej in India, and Itaú in Brazil.


“Being part of the Indian Immersion Project with Godrej was a life changing experience. There we had the chance to lead multidisciplinary teams through the design process to create real solutions, all while exploring one of the most diverse cultures in the world.”

–Gordon Gradon, MDes 2016



“For me, this was the type of experience I was optimistically hoping for during my time at ID. It was a real world problem that will have real world impact. One part business, one part design, all parts wicked and complicated. And all in the context of another country, culture, and language. The members of the Drive Innovation team we worked with made the experience truly memorable. Our largest constraint was time. We had to be mindful the whole time about what we could achieve in the 5 weeks we were there and then how we could add value to the team that continued the work after we left.

In the end, we were successful in presenting research led insights that led to new ways of thinking about possible strategic directions for retail in Taipei. So successful that our presentation was requested to be done to a larger part of the company. We learned the power of visual communication in presenting existing information in new and powerful ways. We learned the value of prototypes in sparking meaningful conversations. And we learned the challenge of change in large complex organizations. I can now return to school with a global real work perspective on which to apply to the frameworks and methodologies no doubt in store for me in the future at ID.”

–John Pew, MDes 2018