Before Andrea Small heard of product design or IIT Institute of Design, she set out to become an architect and metalsmith. An advisor asked her why she felt so strongly about the two directions. Architecture solved for real needs and metalsmithing fulfilled my passion for craft and making. Perceptively, he introduced her to the world of product design.

IIT Institute of Design appealed Andrea because it brought context to the craft. She wanted to learn an empathetic approach to problem solving that translated to design. ID exposed her to a variety of industries and clients: Steelcase, Mattel, Unilever, Motorola, the MacArthur Foundation, and more.

Andrea is currently Senior Strategist at fuseproject, a cohesive brand + product experience design firm founded by Yves Behar. With a focus on establishing new markets and disrupting old ones, her work bridges business, brand and design with strategic direction, interpreting insights and concepts to create powerful stories and remarkable products.