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ID is a bastion for hybrid thinkers—people who see beyond the traditional boundaries of business, design, social science, and technology. It’s this very integration that allows us to tackle some of today’s difficult problems. Areas of interest include a general framework or toolkit of methods design, visualizing complex data, persuasive communication, visualizing big data, digital media and learning, strategic design, social entrepreneurship, interaction design and other emerging topics.


Faculty-Led Research

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With its iconic architecture and urban significance, State and Madison is a prime placemaking opportunity.
Urban Forest 37 embeds the concept of a social family tree into two windows of a large urban shopping mall called Block37.
Thinking with our Eyes initiative aims to develop visual, dynamic analytic environments for large qualitative data sets.
In the US, we are facing an obesity epidemic that will lead to higher incidents of Type II Diabetes.

Class Projects

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Informed with their new knowledge of emerging technology platforms, user activities and potential points of economic value, students created a range of concepts applying user-centered design principles to advance the self-tracking movement.
Understanding the context of a particular design challenge is critical to ensuring an insightful and reliable solution. Most design challenges today require an astute understanding of the many dynamics at play to see a path forward.
This project explores on line opportunities for WBEZ—Chicago’s premiere public radio station—by creating visualizations that will allow their audiences to interact with their rich digital content in a more compelling and effective manner.
A semester long project exploring digital based tools for design and design research.