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Past Events

October 12-14, 2015

Hear firsthand from key enablers of the maker movement—the inventors of Autodesk‘s new platforms—while touring Autodesk Gallery and Lab. Visit with Grace Hawthorne of ReadyMade and Paper Punk in her studio. Meet the team at Catalia Health creating robots for managing healthcare. Visit Blackbird where they are using advanced machining techniques blended with traditional craft to build a new breed of guitars. Speak with Brandon Schauer, CEO of Adaptive Path about the somewhat unexpected acquisition by Capital One of a digital design firm. Explore Marin Country Day School‘s Makers’ Lab with the director Matt Pearson, who explores ways to blend STEAM education and design approaches. Participate in discussions facilitated by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, and IIT Institute of Design faculty on how new forms of productions impact big business.

Events open to the public

Keynote with Dale Dougherty
October 12, 5 pmInnovation Hangar
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco
Keynote with Norman Winarsky
October 13, 5:30 pm3D Systems
431 Tehama Street
San Francisco

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