Special guests

Silvia Barretto, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza

Born in Mococa, SP, Silvia Barretto was raised in Sao Paulo, where she completed her studies in publishing at the School of Communication followed by Languages and Literature both at USP. Her love for nature, farming, and producing organic food, always competed with her love for reading and writing. Maternity turned her into a down to earth person, connected to turning theories into practice. After living for 19 years in the suburbs of Chicago, where she raised her three kids, she returned to Brazil, this time to take care of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. In 2001, she inherited her father’s farm, which has been in the family for five generations. She and her husband managed the farm from afar and only in 2010, were they able to return to Brazil and dedicate their daily lives to the farm. They turned the farm organic while continuing the tradition of producing coffee that was started in 1850. Since 2010 Silvia has been living at the farm, dedicating her life to finding new solutions to the challenges of the rural life: bring life back to nature by protecting the environment; find multiple ways to generate income while promoting diversity of cultures produced through organic methodology; incentivate development and education of the rural workers; develop hospitality opportunities with the purpose of increasing the awareness of the city dwellers about the issues involving today’s food production; open the farm for wwoofers, therefore creating a space for intercultural exchanges. Silvia considers the importance of opening opportunities for exchange of knowledge and dialogue between universities and the farm of major importance for very much needed breakthroughs in the way food production occurs.