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Communicating Radiation Treatment to Patients for University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

VitaVue Platform Exploration

Project Aspen: Who Owns the Patient Experience?

For this project we were charged to examine and define “customer service” in the healthcare space. Our client was interested in learning what factors outside of the realm of traditional medical care effects the patient experience. This project was a unique opportunity to see design research in healthcare with actionable results. The team conducted 28 interviews…

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Pano: Redesigning Children’s Health Records for Gates Foundation Contest

A solution that focuses on the specific use case of India, but has broad application across cultural and geographic boundaries.

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Bridging the Communication Gap: Healthcare service design for asthma patients

Healthcare Wearables for Loved Ones

A health tracking system for the elderly Research began with exploring the world of wearables. They are worn by mostly young, healthy and athletically inclined users. These were not the people who would be helped most by tracking their health. The elderly people interviewed and observed desire personal health data, but don’t see it as a need. Healthcare…

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Logistics and Performance of the Operating Room

ID students collaborated with the University of Chicago to design the next-generation operating room.

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To improve urban health, the team proposed offering a two-pronged service that will first do an online risk assessment and then send an STI testing kit for in-home use.

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Personal Mobility and the Wheelchair

Instructor: Hemmant Jha Team members: Anthony Caspary, Benjamin Davis, Elise Metzger, Eugene Limb, Hans Mickelson, Helen Tong, Hsin-Cheng Lin, Ji Sun Park, Junyoung Yang, Stelios Makridis, Xiaonan Huang, Young Jin Chung Abstract   Overview   Starting with the very first day of class, students got to experience wheelchair use for themselves. The course simulated a…

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Future Living

Instructor: Charles Owen, John Pipino Team members: Amanda McKown, Anthony Caspary, Cornelia Bailey, Elise Metzger, Eric Diamond, Eugene Limb, Gene Young, Hannah Swart, Helen Tong, Hsin-Cheng Lin, HyeKyung Yoo, Jessica Striebich, Kshitij Sawant, Mahdieh Salimi, Marilee Bowles Carey, Miguel Angel Martinez, Na Rae Kim, Nikhil Mathew, Owen Schoppe, Paolo Korre, Reenu John, Sally Wong, Tanushree…

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