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    Student Projects:

    Spatial Data Visualization

    In this exploratory workshop, students honed their communication design skills while working directly with open data related to geography and position from a variety of sources.

  • White Rabbit: An Experiential Event Service

    Student Projects:

    White Rabbit

    White Rabbit is a designed service that allows users to spontaneously book a mystery outing with friends.

  • Student Projects:


    Students were challenged to understand connected items in a new way, the team decided to explore how a threshold device could improve work-life balance from the perspective of a worker.

  • Student Projects:


    To improve urban health, the team proposed offering a two-pronged service that will first do an online risk assessment and then send an STI testing kit for in-home use.

  • Student Projects:

    Pano: Redesigning Children’s Health Records for Gates Foundation Contest

    A solution that focuses on the specific use case of India, but has broad application across cultural and geographic boundaries.

80th Anniversary Gala

Our 80th anniversary gala, Then Now Next, the evening of May 23, offers a unique chance to gather and connect with alumni, faculty, and friends of the school to celebrate ID’s impact on the world.  The event will be held in an historic building where the school was once located, and will feature an exhibition of historic and current ID work.  Another highlight will be a sneak-peek at a feature length documentary on the New Bauhaus, to be released in full next year.  Finally, ID’s dean, Denis Weil, will talk about the school’s future. Learn more

Professor Vijay Kumar interviewed by Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington launched Thrive Global to end the escalating stress and burnout epidemic with sustainable, science-based solutions. One of their ongoing series is the Thrive Questionnaire, an intimate look inside...

IIT faculty and PhD student led a section at the National Council for Science and the Environment Conference

Last week, Andre Nogueira (PhD 2019) and Dr. Weslynne Ashton, associate professor at IIT Stuart School of Business, led a workshop at the National Council for Science and the Environment...

ID alumni launches a bridge concept for 3D printing technology

3D printing technology has been around for decades, it’s relatively affordable, and improving all the time. So why haven’t we seen the single application that will launch 3D printed products,...

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Stewardship is key. As more people gain access to opportunities, there needs to be a deep appreciation for relation… https://t.co/YDRH9Ozx5N
6:31 PM, 5/24
We need to shift our minds from disruption to stewardship. —Rosenzweig
6:22 PM, 5/24
There’s a problem with calling plant based food meat. It’s an identity crisis. —Rosenzweig
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It’s important that the tools for social entrepreneurship are in the hands of the people who need them most. —@weslynneashton @IITStuart
6:19 PM, 5/24
7. Start with a seed. —Rosenzweig
6:07 PM, 5/24
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