Design is a creative process, but this doesn’t mean it is unstructured. For more than 50 years, ID has been developing structured processes that help organizations research, analyze, conceive, and implement new products, services and experiences.


Apr 22

In the Loop: Seth TeBeest

Intellectual Property and Design

Seth TeBeest will discuss intellectual property (IP) as it pertains to design. He will briefly explain the law regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets and ...

Apr 23

The UX Awards & Great UX Portfolio Case Studies: It's about Storytelling

As UX professionals, we all struggle with how to represent and describe our work to hiring managers and others. For many UX roles in hiring, graduate admissions and for digital ...

Apr 24


It's NOWhaus time! Come check out what IIT Institute of Design (ID) students are up to while enjoying a good dose of music, drinks, and friends.

This year's ...

Apr 28

Don Norman and Patrick Whitney on the design of everyday things

Even the smartest among us can feel inept as we fail to figure out which light switch or oven burner to turn on, or whether to push, pull, or slide ...

May 14–15

2014 Strategy Conference

The annual IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference connects thought leaders from industry, civic organizations, and government to explore how design can address the complicated problems facing society and business ...

Jun 30

Why would anyone want to buy that? with Don Norman + Patrick Whitney

Design gurus Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things, and Patrick Whitney, Dean of IIT Institute of Design address the reasons why most companies continue to miss the ...


ID students take first and second place in Chicago Innovation Awards Scholarship Competition

Students Thomas Gaskin, Maggee Bond, Anushree Jain, and Alisa Weinstein placed first with their project "Catalyst" and Fernando De Buen, Brian Lucas, Amanda Rosenberg, Evan Scott, and Ariana Shadlyn placed second with their project "Axon".

Tomoko Ichikawa discusses diversity of data visualizations on

In a recent article featured on New York Times Business of Technology (Bits) blog, Senior Lecturer Tomoko Ichikawa comments on the new diversity of data visualization.

Building and Understanding Context

Students brief reports on grooming your child to be a CEO, the mobile internet use, and asset-sharing enterprises.

Cultured Meat: Applying Speculative and Participatory Design to an Emerging Technology

Students explore the intersection of speculative design and participatory design using speculative probes for participants to gain a shared understanding of cultured meat and then consider possible outcomes of this new technology.

"Digital Fabrication and Hybrid Materialities" Features Student Work

Professor Laura Forlano posted her article after a visit to an exhibition about digital fabrication at New York’s Museum of Art and Design prompted consideration of the hybrid nature of digital application.


Pano: Redesigning children's health records

A solution that focuses on the specific use case of India, but has broad application across cultural and geographic boundaries.

Kim Erwin's New Book "Communicating the New" Published

Kim Erwin describes how to engage stakeholders in advancing new ideas into organizations and markets in her book "Communicating the New".

"Naked Innovation" Released as an Open Serial

ID Alumni Zachary Jean Paradis and David McGaw are offering their book for free and are looking for reader feedback to help develop the best possible innovation primer available.

Patrick Whitney: New Lenses For Innovation

Amway’s Business Innovations team video features Patrick Whitney describing what companies need to prepare for the future.

Logitech Acquires ID Start-up TT Design Labs

In June 2013, Logitech acquired Tarnow and Tashakorinia's TT Design Labs and the products they have developed since the initial launch.