IIT Institute of Design teaches a methods-based curriculum, focused on creating user and organizational value, and celebrates divergent points of view through a multidisciplinary faculty. ID faculty promotes a learning environment that enriches perspectives, leads to new thinking and empowers students to tackle large, ambiguous problems that improve people’s lives.

Full-Time Faculty

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Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Senior Lecturer
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Associate Professor
Assistant Dean, Academics
Associate Professor
Charles Owen Professor
Visiting Associate Professor
Dean and Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design

Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

* ID alumnus

  • Lawrence Abrahamson*, IDEO Transcultural Design
  • Deborah Alden, The Comradery Transcultural Design
  • Greg Ames, Worthington Industries The Hero's Journey
  • Sara Aye*, Greater Good Studio Research Methods for Product Development
  • Stefanie Bachetti*, SC Johnson This Visualization Workshop 
  • Santosh Basapur, Motorola Design Process and Knowledge
  • Bruce Bendix, Baker Tilly, Virchow Krause, LLP Research & Demonstration
  • Kevin Budelmann, Peopledesign Creative Translation
  • John Cain, SapientNitro Theory and Foundation of Human-Centered Design
  • Lyman Casey, Centralis Usability Methods
  • Kelly Costello*, Panorama Innovation Observing Users 
  • Erik Crimmin*, Doblin
    Planning Workshop 
  • Kevin Denney*, IIT Institute of Design Strategic Design Research 
  • Eric Diamond*, Leo Burnett Graduate Introduction to Design 
  • Jeremy Dumm*, IIT Institute of Design Introduction to Product Design I & II
  • Peter Ehling, Wrigley Prototyping Methods
  • Megan Fath*, Conifer Reinventing the Persona
  • Rahika Gupta*, Wrigley
    Graduate Introduction to Communication Design II 
  • Steve Hammond, New Vision Valuing an Innovation Pipeline
  • Ann Hintzman*, gravitytank Behavioral Finance 
  • Eric Holubow*, Leo Burnett Graduate Introduction to Photography 
  • Ben Jacobson, Conifer Observing Users
  • David Jaggi, Wrigley Idea Incubator Workshop
  • Sung Jang, School of Arts, Institute Of Chicago Graduate Introduction to Product Design II
  • Hemmant Jha, Kellogg School of Management Product Design Workshop
  • Mark A. Jones*, IDEO Observing Users 
  • Stokes Jones, Motorola Mobility Ethnographic Interviewing
  • Kathi Kaiser, Centralis Usability Methods
  • Joel Kashuba, SC Johnson The Hero's Journey
  • Larry Keeley, Doblin
    Strategic Design Planning
  • Vladimir Kharaz, High Sierra Sports Company Production Methods
  • Henry King, King Innovation Group Innovation Strategy
  • Yi Leng Lee*, Doblin Planning Workshop 
  • Taylor Lies*, Lextant Participatory Design Research 
  • Amber Lindholm*, Frog Research Photography
  • Paolo Lozenzoni, IDEO Service Design Workshop
  • Marcus Maddox, Graduate Introduction to Photography
  • Brian Maggi, Idea Momentum, Inc Digital Development
  • Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus & Associates, Inc. User Interface Development
  • Ben Mcallister, Frog Design Research Photography
  • Todd McCullough, McCullough Partners, LLC Advanced Design Planning
  • Jeanine McGalde, Ivible Global Innovation Culture
  • David McGaw*, Embarcadero Planning Design Workshop 
  • Shane Meeker, Procter & Gamble The Hero's Journey
  • Colleen Murray*, Jump Associates Special Problems: Applied Design Research 
  • Michael North, University of Chicago Interactive Media Workshop
  • Ruben Ocampo, Conic Design Planning Implementation
  • David Ofori-Amoah*, thinkmore Prototyping Methods
  • Elva Yadira Ornelas, CEDIM Cultural Artifacts
  • Andrew Pek, Ivible Global Innovation Culture
  • Ryan Pikkel*, Monitor Design Planning and Market Forces 
  • John Pipino, Doblin Systems Workshop
  • Linda Pulik*, Studio Stella Product Design Workshop 
  • Russ Rosenzweig, Round Table Group Business Frameworks
  • Luisa Ruge, Chamberlain Research Methods for Product Development
  • Juan Salamanca* Graduate Introduction to Digital Media 
  • Jenn Schiffman, gravitytank Stimulus in Design Research
  • Ruth Schmidt*, Doblin Graduate Introduction to Communication Design I
  • Tal Shay*, Jump Associates New Business Boot Camp 
  • Lumia Shunia, Illinois Institute of Technology Product Design Workshop
  • David Sonders*, gravitytank New Product Definition 
  • April Starr*, University of Illinois at Chicago Research Methods for Product Development 
  • Ji Hyun Sun Interaction Design Methods
  • Eric Swanson Scenarios for Human Centered Design
  • Brianna Sylver*, Sylver Consulting Research Methods for Product Development
  • Jeffery Tull*, Doblin
    Graduate Introduction to Design II 
  • William Verplank Physical Human Factors
  • Steffi Xiao Marty*, Wrigley Advanced Product Development 
  • Peter Zapf*, Fogpilot Design Synthesis 
  • Teddy Zmrhal, IDEO The Entrepreneurship/Lean Startup+Design
  • Robert Zolna*, gravitytank Graduate Introduction to Communication Design II