List of PhD courses

PhD Research Seminar

3 credit hours

This course is a ‘full court’ seminar in which all doctoral students are invited and encouraged to participate and support your doctoral research. The purpose of this doctoral seminar is to stimulate critical, constructive and generous discussion of PhD students’ research and writing in progress, to continue cultivating a lively and supportive intellectual design research…

PhD Philosophical Context of Design Research

1.5 credit hours

This course surveys the major philosophies and theories that underpin design research through exposure to some of the most significant scholars and public intellectuals of the last 100 years. Specifically, the following perspectives and traditions will be discussed: pragmatism, structuralism, activity theory, phenomenology, actor network theory, theories of culture and symbolic interaction. For example, what…

PhD Principles and Methods of Design Research

1.5 credit hours

This course surveys a range of research methods from different scientific traditions including science, social science, engineering, and design. Through a deep reading of monographs (dissertations that have been published as books) from the social sciences and design fields, the following approaches will be discussed: experimental vs. field research, inductive vs. deductive reasoning, positivist vs.…